Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Leaf By Leaf...

above lines from the poem To Autumn by John Keats
(one of my all-time favs:)

Along the boulevards, on hills
Like day-beacons, the trees
Beam bright with lights red-gold until
The stilling of the leas
As leaf by leaf each lamp is snuffed
And sheaf by sheaf earth's lintels doffed

The tempo of those songs we love
On summer's shaded shore
Wanes note by note into a trove
Of mauve and misted moor
As leaf by leaf the Maestro dims
The choristers of autumn's hymns 

How hardly we had held its hour
So, looking back it seems
Before the hello of its flow'r
Fell prey to moment-schemes
And leaf by leaf life's lissom bent
Mingled with pith of seasons spent

The unveiling of timber-frames
Is like a splurge of sorts
While wind-hooligans play their games
And nameless imps cavort
Soft, leaf by leaf their romp and play
Brushes the blooms of fall away

© Janet Martin

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