Thursday, October 20, 2016

How About Now?

Click on collage, then right-click on view image to enlarge and re-live the memories:)

Looking back for all its lessons
Cannot, will not alter Now
Live and learning’s effervescence
Runs through Present's curtsy-bow

Wish and wanting does no planting
Looking does not push the plow
We can only work, my darling
With all we ever have; Now

Time, for all our bellyaching
Balances its Where-When-How
Always giving, with its taking
A new and unbroken Now

© Janet Martin dear Bluejays, though Now may seem bittersweet we say Thank-you!
 for giving us post-season pleasure two years in a row.
What fun it was!
See you in the spring.


  1. "Wish and wanting does no planting" sounds like something old Ben Franklin might have coined; a catchy truth for the ages.

    We are still hanging in there with our Cubs. Wouldn't it be nice if once in our lifetime our team won the World Series? They have done their planting, so maybe our wish and wanting will get them there :)

    1. We are also cheering for the Cubs here except I am the only one that is a little torn between the Dodgers and the Cubs because(this is a little embarrassing) but I 'discovered' Vin Scully this season and totally fell in love with his broadcasting style. Here is a glimpse of why he is easy to love!

    2. enter link then scroll down to 'The video that aired after the game. Get the tissues.'

    3. My husband grew up in Los Angeles listening to Vin Scully, so he was also torn between the Cubs and Dodgers.

    4. Isn't he something special?!
      Well, tonight it will be Go Cubs!


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