Monday, October 24, 2016

Here, In the Bloom of Dying...

Here, in woodland cathedral
Here, in a hall of leaves
Flowers are falling, autumnal
Petal from rainbow eaves
Here, in the bloom of dying
Wind-song and quiet vying
From lofty loom soft-sighing
Nature, its glory grieves

Here, in the halo of wooing
Here, in the harrowed fields
We witness Time undoing
What nothing mortal shields
Here, like the corpse of laughter
From tow’ring coppice-rafter
Into the ever-after
Nature its glory yields

Here, in a world of wonder
Here, in a swirl red-gold
Spirals spring’s full-grown plunder
Into earth’s umber hold
Here, in a spree of splendors
Nature its tree surrenders
While its Caretaker renders
Nature its glory folds

© Janet Martin

Victoria and I had a lemon-tea party in the neighbour's bush yesterday...
(it was going to be a sit-and-sip, but turned out to be a tromp-and-a-h-h/awe!!,
because we both felt there was so much to see in so little time


  1. I love the lines: "here, in the bloom of dying...Nature its glory grieves." It is a sure sign of Fall when I drive down the street in a shower of leaves. From now on, I shall always think of them as the tears of trees.

    Beautifully haunting imagery...


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