Sunday, October 9, 2016

Giving Thanks

Above is a glimpse of 'fruit of thankfulness'.
Whole family is home today for Thanksgiving Dinner
(at least they are until one leaves for post-season Bluejay's baseball game, but that's for a different post;-) much to be thankful for!

May our thanks be raised to much more than thin air
But to the Lord of all

For stages set with living’s ‘Yet’
And pages writ with Past
For smiles and tears that rile the years
Where soon their boon is cast
For bread to win and mouths to feed
For gardens gilt with full-grown seed
For God, who satisfies our need
We worship and give thanks

For untamed hours that unchain flow’rs
For bowers bent with fruit
For autumn field culled of its yield
For orchard’s ample loot
For earth-havens of home, sweet home
Where mothers call and children come
For love-laugh-labor’s humble sum
We worship You, O Lord

For hands to fold, for arms to hold
For sky-scapes that amaze
For quiet awe as nature’s law
Seals seasons from our gaze
For grace that grants a second chance
For lips to kiss and feet to dance
For soul and body sustenance
God, hear our songs of praise

For Faith’s reward, we thank You, Lord
Though trial seems unjust
We rest-assured for You secured
The Hope whereby we trust
We thank You for this Crux of joy
That nothing on earth can destroy
…for twilight’s lull and dawn’s ahoy
And your mercy to us

© Janet Martin


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