Monday, October 10, 2016

For Players in the Game of Baseball or Life

Matt enjoyed a never-forget-it-as-long-as-I-live night at the Sky-dome to watch the Blue-jays try to sweep the series against the Texas Rangers.
He said there was a consistent eager hum of excitement in the crowd,
but when Donaldson slid across the home-plate clinching the extra-innings win the place erupted into a beyond-words noise-level of celebration! 

Sometimes in life's
Swing and miss, 
slip, trip and sprawl
Fumble a pop-fly, 
get hit by a ball

...sometimes in life's 
extra innings 
before loss
Or new-season beginnings
a bat-toss 

...sometimes in life's 
hurt and dirt
Had a bad day
then a double play

Sometimes in life's game of
Hope, hit, 
work hard, 
We meet with moments 
that make it
Worth it all

© Janet Martin

September fears have turned to October cheers! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank-you, Sasha. the day is a beaut! I think most Ontarians are spending it out-doors. I just returned from a nice,sunny bike ride after cleaning out most of the garden.
      Yesterday felt more like Thanksgiving here because we did our turkey-dinner. Our church youth group always does a bus-trip and hike on Thanksgiving Monday which is good 'cause then they can hike off Sunday turkey and stuffing etc. ;-)Jim always works on Thanksgiving because you guys are still open for business and he usually goes to Green Bay on Mondays.

    2. Oh! and I must add that the win helped to add sparkle to smiles today! (The Toronto Blue Jays are beloved many Canadians because they are our only major league baseball team.)


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