Saturday, October 1, 2016

For Happiness Hunters

The above photo is yesterday's wears somber gray

I had a disquiet in my contentment-scale this morning;
September seemed such a busy blur of...
ah, yes.

Time's seasoned quest for happiness
Methinks is found in thankfulness
There is no Stuff that love can find
To satisfy the heart and mind
But as we count our mercies, oh
Our happiness is sure to grow

Sometimes it seems thought sets a snare
And we forget how blessed we are
The cry of what we think we lack
Can throw our happiness off track
But, if we count our blessings here
Our wants begin to disappear

Life’s lot of joy and sorrowing
Is fraught with beg and borrowing
And we, not circumstance decides
The measure of a happiness
That only thankful hearts possess

Earth’s war of hurt is never won
Until our spar with dirt is done
But life is kinder if we believe
 Thus, in giving thanks we will find
Happiness for heart and soul and mind

© Janet Martin

The measure whereby we give
Is the measure whereby we live~

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