Monday, October 10, 2016

October's First-frost Morning

Is there anything fairer than a zinnia dipped in stars
Or blades of grass bedecked in glass drizzled from heaven-jars
There is no upper-lower class when nature dons the robe
Of first-frost morning as it gilds the hemline of the globe

Lo and behold, the world is silver-gold with fragile sheaf
Where diamonds by the billion garnish lowly sprig and leaf
Dawn is a crystal temple, we the worshipers that bow
Beneath the Lordship of a love that lavishes earth’s prow

Soon the boon of new morning will melt fall's svelte sheen of frost
A picture of time’s taking to which everything is lost
But in this course of moment-force heaven unveils its bars
In autumn-first-frost-mornings when God dazzles earth with stars

© Janet Martin

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