Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Enough Said...

Time enough turns into seasons
Seasons into epitaphs
Epitaphs into new reasons
To reverence present paths

Soon enough turns into Bygone
Bygone into memories
Memories into halcyon
Purple-misted reveries

Not enough turns into hunger
Hunger into belly’s fire
Fire into ash-strewn heather
Where hope resurrects its spire

Far enough turns into turning
Turning to new roads to tread
New roads turn to live-love-learning
And the seasons time has wed

© Janet Martin

The springboard for this poem was the first line,
 'written' in a poem in a dream I was dreaming when the alarm shattered its world for the real world!
I will NOT bore you with the details,
because, as dreams go,
it made NO sense whatsoever!

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