Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Caught By Seasoned Surprise

Somber earth slumbers beneath umber quilt
Summer, then autumn slips soft from each stem
Color climaxes, dims, strips limbs of lilt
Shallows replenished with leaf-diadem
Past pursues us, love, or oh, so it seems
Draining time’s riptide to rose-mist requiems

Flowers, save for a few late-bloomers, fade
Farewell finds footholds in fresh-fashioned sighs
Hours are a camouflaged promenade
Where tick by tock’s give-and-take synchronize
Sometimes the rhyme-scheme of Time’s pantomimes
Vexes the vagabond learning its lines

Season-song silvers the sedge by the fence
Blue finds new hues as dusk’s backdrop adheres
To branches, stark in their bare-naked stance
Where the romance of leaf-dance disappears
Darling, did you hear its fleet-footed fling?
Because frankly dear, I did not hear a thing

© Janet Martin


  1. My favorite line: "autumn slips soft from each stem"...and the last two lines. There is an Emily Dickinson poem about autumn leaves that suggests the fleet-footed flingyness of fall in it.

    1. I need to look through my poetry books and see if I can find it:)

      The ending was not what I was picturing but just sort of 'danced' its way in;-)
      Thank-you for affirmation!


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