Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Autumn Aria

 The land is laced in silver mist
And traced with russet scrim
The blue winds vex with brooding hex
That culls the laden limb

The brittle corn stands stiff, forlorn
Its fledgling verdure drained
June’s virgin sheen of knee-deep green
Is bronze and crimson-stained

The goldenrod is weaned of laud
The milkweed pod of silk
The pumpkin lords over all gourds
His jack-o-lantern ilk

Beneath high noon of azure swoon
The molten woodlands blaze
Before day’s husk drifts on swift dusk
And snuffs it from our gaze

Those garden-hikes are ghost-town-like
Through hollow orchards too
Stilled fallow lies beneath chilled skies
In slumber’s umber hue

Soft vesper cries its lullabies
Where nature’s naked tress
Turns whispers to a haunting tune
Of loss and loneliness

The land is kissed then lost in mist
Rain-song raids autumn scrim
The blue winds vex with moody hex
The singer of its hymn

© Janet Martin

Is there any month
quite like October
that tugs the lover of it
with such warring tides
of joy and grief?


  1. Gorgeous photos! Happy Thursday♥

    1. Thank-you Summer. October in Ontario is a stunning photo no matter where we look!


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