Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A World of Common Ways

'So Long Ago' and 'Right Now' share a world of common ways
Morning is grafted like an offshoot to Past’s weathered bough
Bud bursts, bears fruit; we brim with hymns of thanksgiving and praise
While tromping over shriveled remnants of hulled moment-snow

Even after these many years much appears to amaze
Ah, we are often stripped of speech as we stand still and gape
Across the sweep of Mercy’s Keep keened seasons spill their trays
Earth swallows up its crumbs where thrums of new summer take shape

The ways of grace are tattooed on earth’s minute spurt of dust
God keeps His word; and we are stirred to awe and Holy fear
The sun shines and the rain falls; all that we can do is trust
In spite of what we see and what They say… God is still here

Thus, Long Ago and Right Now are bound by what matters most
Not boast of stuff, but Love lavished as freely now as then
For God so loves the world today as He did at The First
…and thus He waits to seal Time’s gates with His final Amen

© Janet Martin

 A few shots from my rural, local Thanksgiving drive/bike.

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