Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Toast To The Inevitable...

The yard is like a fall postcard
 A picture-poem of joy and grief
As summer, pink and petal-starred
Unravels in the shape of leaf
To gardens stripped of gourd and plume
And fellowship of flower-chum
Where the benediction of bloom
Depicts the quickness of time’s sum

Sometimes it seems that seasons slip
Ever more swiftly from our touch
How deft day’s darling diamonds drip
Into the vastness of past’s clutch
And where the deep green pasture sprang
To lure our feet into its fray
The sere slope steeped in smoky tang
Echoes with steps of yesterday

October’s epitaph of leaves
Is chased about by bullish breeze
Its fills ditches, fencelines and eaves
With nature’s pilfered piracies
Where tree-torches that lit the hills
Are doffed and dimmed to somber hue
The scarlet maple yields its frills
The red sumac surrenders too

…and earth is like a soldered sweep
The keeper of each fond farewell
That seeps into its umber deep
And weeps upon dusk’s tolling knell
Beneath a sheath of crepe and stars
The stricken heath of autumn lies
While we embrace its aches and scars
And toast Time’s purple-tinted sighs

© Janet Martin

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