Saturday, August 22, 2015

This Slip-slipping Thing

History does not change
Save for the scope of it
Future is the Perhaps whereon
We dare to dream a bit
But Ever-present Now

Before it disappears

Is all we have to have and hold
As it weaves yester-years

Sometimes I crave for That
Which once fell through my touch
The gossamer of have-and-hold
A thread we cannot clutch
But cherish as it slips
From Here to There, the skein
Whereby eons unravel, love
Is dripped in moment-mien

…as history expands
Its panoramic cast
Adapting as time's newest strands
Are caught and woven fast
To that vast tapestry
Soft-vexing our clasp
With fragments of finality
Slip-slipping through our grasp

© Janet Martin

Happy 21st Birthday, Melissa...

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