Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer's Soft-sorrowing Sigh

I just finished a farewell tour of sorts in my flower-garden...

Akin to bittersweet good-bye
Of bidding fond farewell to friends
Is summer’s soft-sorrowing sigh
When flowers fade as blooming ends

The heart-tugs of love’s letting go
Must cater to the call of clocks
As still, in spite of what we know
We are stunned by what Time unlocks

The cricket trills, the blossom spills
The bud that stole our breath is stripped
The resting place of daffodils
Is unrelenting and tight-lipped

And often, smitten to the quick
We realize anew the old
How subtle is the painting-stick
Air-brushing hours from our hold

We walk the garden path slowly
Savor the sweetness on our tongue
For akin to the flowers we
Acknowledge no one can stay young

© Janet Martin

...of course, there is still LOTS left to enjoy; flower-gardens, that is.
Of life, who can know? 


  1. Beautiful poetry and photos! Summer is fading too quickly for my liking. Today it feels like September for some reason and I dare not think ahead to that month and rush the summer on. :)

  2. It feels that way here too!
    This morning while we were picking beans Victoria(14 and nervous about starting high-school) was lamenting the fact that summer is almost over and school is starting soon, but it is still a month away because of a late Labor Day week-end which gifts a bonus week of holidays!!

    the crickets have begun their perpetual cheep-cheeping though, always a farewell serenade to summer...


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