Sunday, August 2, 2015

In The Skin of You and I...

Mayor Neil Driscoll wins this class...

This waning garb of skin
That we inhabit here
Before the Whole of Life begins
In death will disappear

This prelude to it all
Is of dire import
For everyone will hear The Call
That cometh from the Lord

Then, face to face with He
Who died so we may live
Each one will hear on bended knee
The verdict He will give

…there is a Promised Land
There is a Promised Lake
The soul’s inheritance depends
Upon A Choice we make

….in waning garbs of skin
Where flesh is bound to die
But oh, never the soul within
The skin of you and I

© Janet Martin

At last night's truck/tractor-pull, young, old and in-between gathered to cheer on competitors bound for what the announcer dubbed ‘The Promised Land’ …the 300 foot mark indicating a Full Pull.
…and many times the crowd heard the announcer declare ‘ that they were just shy of the Promised Land’.
 In tractor- pull terms this simply means waiting ‘til the next pull to try again.
Not so in that Once For All Call to Eternity

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