Friday, August 21, 2015

Glimpses Of What Heaven's Happiness Will Be

No matter who we are and what we is imperfect. 
We've got problems and we always will but here and there God drops bits of Perfect into our messes and we are glad...

This little life, which tests our thankful patience
Offers simple blessings to keep us company
Stirring within us sweet fore-tasted glimpses
Of what, perhaps, Heaven and its happiness will be

Simple things are tourniquets to stem the tide of longing
And satisfy with commonness, our Want
Cup of tea, a mixing bowl, a stove, chatter of children
The kindness of a grinning kitchen-plant

Hello, little duty, of garden plot or pots and pans
What did I do to deserve such loveliness as thine?
Oh, may I do you the honor of serving with gentle hands
And never clench with crass ungratefulness what is not mine

© Janet Martin

Last night Emily and Rob dropped by, Melissa called, Matt and Victoria were home and the kitchen was a tea and cookie haven of laughter and chatter…

Today was a domestic salad bowl of cooking-cleaning-laundry-and little boys ;-).

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