Saturday, August 8, 2015

Far From Commonplace...a morning meditation

View not this day as mundane commonplace
This Prize of Time’s demise bathes hill and plain
Look and behold the drippings of God’s grace
Refurbishing the dark with Light again
Upon this mount of moments we survey
The residue of Past, but we are Here
And holders of a priceless charge: Today
Oh, view it not as some plebeian sphere
But drink its cup and break its bread and eat
Then stoop and wash a fellow-traveler's feet

We may not ever meet again like this
Thus we ought never to make light of It
Dawn blushes beneath heaven’s holy kiss
Skies overflow with Present’s Little Bit
The table in earth’s house is spread and groans
With daily bread of opportunity
Will we be silent and sanction the stones
To raise up praise while we gorge foolishly?
Take, eat, this is the day the Lord has made
Forbid we plunder Mercy’s table laid

Arise, for lo, the Hour is at Hand
Time does not tarry long; Heaven and Hell
Wait just beyond this fragile frond of sand
And none return its joy or grief to tell
The truths of old will never shift or change
What God has promised He will surely do
Then come, lest Ignorance dares to estrange
Us from the hope He offers me and you
As He stoops from his throne to wash our feet
With a New day, ah, hear Him say, 'come, eat'  

...for the birth of this new Today began
Far from the commonplace precepts of man

© Janet Martin

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