Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There is a Joy Akin to Grief...

 This surfer made me smile as he sailed past the sun; such a metaphor of life:)

There is a joy akin to grief
A bittersweet sensation
Of being held within life’s brief
Endorsement of elation
Before its mercies dim the eye
In plaintive murmurs of good-bye

How swift the flight from morn to night
How still the subtle flowing
Of moments molding season-flight
Beneath Time’s mute bestowing
Before we bend to kiss the sod
Where we commit all life to God

There is a peace within the pain
Of love’s mysterious yearning
For we will never tread again
This path of no returning
We place love’s tireless test of care
Within the whisper of a prayer

© Janet Martin

We were greeted with many green beans when we returned home:) I'm steaming/canning them late at night because the hydro is cheaper. Bonus: it's nice and quiet to read and write...

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