Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sojourners of Time

 (a rather shaky recording of golden moments falling;)

We gather, God, beneath Thy gaze
To tread life’s oft perplexing maze
Of highs and lows, of joys and woes
A mystical design
in hand-me-downs and wedding gowns
and flowers gilding summer’s crown
before the burnished laying down
of beauty from the vine

Yet, in this deft deliverance
from circumstance to circumstance
we will endure; we are secure
within a Master’s keep
as we behold the green and gold
and wonderment as seasons fold
from dust to dust, a transient hold
where garnered eons sleep

The Hand from which mute moments flow
like leaf-wrought flakes of golden snow
on summer’s lake, will not forsake
sojourners of Time’s charms
where soon we learn, its no return
as we live, labor, love and yearn
toward His outstretched arms

© Janet Martin

...let men consider the steadfast love of the Lord. Ps. 107:43

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