Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sing a Song of August

Sing a song of August
Peaches in a pie
Chicory-lined ditches
Monarch butterfly

Harvest to the silo
Bare-feet by the brook
Wild-bloom laden nook

Sweet corn for our supper
Blue-sky opulence
Growing ever softer
In autumn’s advance

Ballad of bronze pastures
Sunflower festoon
Summer's spiraled laughter
Like honey from a spoon

Leaf-song in the woodland
Sea-song on the beach
Love-song keenly pulsing
As they slip from our reach

Sing a song of August
Cloying melody
Of summer softly slipping
Into our memory

© Janet Martin


  1. ...sigh...I always love your words and photos. There's not a more perfect ode to August out there.

  2. There is something about August that stirs me like no other month!

    Thank-you, Jen:)

  3. What fun... I loved the melody of your poem. A perfect collection of August's images.

  4. Hi Brenda and thank-you:) August is one of my favorite months. I'd love to write an August poem every day!


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