Friday, August 23, 2013

Of Mulled Moments

Just one more week until the next school-year begins, we say
Yet, who can guarantee that we have even one more day
To dance in dusty gardens or to pause on cricket-stage
And who can say for certain we will turn tomorrow’s page?

We drink life’s little moments but we oft forget to taste
We dash through darling summer in an absent-minded haste
The cup of duty over-flows; the green is turning gold
God, teach us how to make the most of moments in our hold

Work, worry, want and wander-lust; perplexing doggerel
With summer mulling dreams and dust into winsome farewell
The orchard bends with harvest and the hour brims with hope
Lord, teach us how to taste this little moment in our cup

© Janet Martin


  1. :) each and every moment that god grants us is worth living and cheering..

  2. These moments seem so precious--lovely piece!

  3. V~ Amen!

    Audrey, as we grow older a moments value seems more and more precious, don't they?


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