Thursday, August 22, 2013

Of Days That Were...

We were looking at old photo albums. I've said it before; my kid's birthdays make me a little sentimental. Melissa turns 19 today! She laughed when she saw these photos and recalled how she was somersaulting all over the back yard.

The days that were will never be
Ever they rest in still repose
Where eye of thought alone can see
The garden of its trampled rose

The night-wind bears the beckoning
Of days gone by; we reminisce
How is it that Time’s reckoning
Employs love’s bitter-sweetest kiss?

The vibrato of cricket-song
Is but the back-drop on a stage
Where quietly we stroll among
The markers of a by-gone age

The days that were will never be
And though we touch its ether strand
To dwell within their memory
Is but to miss the day at hand

© Janet Martin

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