Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nothing But...

 We girls were walking when hubby and son, returning from a round of golf, picked us up; moments previous to the pic below, as we walked and talked I told them that I was esp. cherishing this vacation for some reason but that if hearts were visible they would see little pieces of mine scattered all over the place. They thought this was hilarious but I know there are a few pieces there in the bed of the pick-up as hubby roared over bumps and we screamed... much to the guy's delight;)

I would wear you in my hair
Like Queen Ann’s Lace on Augusts’ dress
But you, for all your lovely flair
Are nothing… but thought’s tenderness

I would paint you like a prayer
Of ruby silk on dusk’s soft hem
But you, for all that once you were
Are nothing…but thought’s gilded gem

I would flaunt you on fair walls
Portrait of living’s priceless art
But you gleam in the tear that falls
Painting your pictures in my heart

I would hold you like fine gold
Of sun-sparkle on sunset sea
But you, for all your worth untold
Are nothing…but a memory

© Janet Martin


  1. This is a joy akin to grief
    A bittersweet sensation...

    a tender gem of heart.

    May your memory ever be strong.

  2. Thank-you, TUG. Memory in itself is a precious gift!


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