Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mother of the Bride

Oh, do not look too closely
How her filament of youth
Has drifted to the pastures
Where its prey denies that truth
And do not look too closely
Lest her smile of brave disguise
Tells of sorrow in her gladness
As you look into her eyes

Oh, do not look too deeply
She is strong but not too much
You would be her sure undoing
Troubadour of tender touch
Oh, and do not whisper softly
Joy and grief align, you know
As she recalls another bride
A few swift years ago

Oh, do not look too closely
Joy and mourning coalesce
But she wears its meek adorning
With a smile of happiness
For she too was once a dreamer
Now an ocean breaks inside
As they turn to see her daughter
To the tune ‘here comes the bride’

© Janet Martin

Beginning that mental preparation:) 


  1. This brought tears to my eyes...all the feelings and thoughts and memories you must be having right now! I think it's good you are preparing yourself to be brave...and of course I'm sure you're stocking up on Kleenex!

  2. TUG , some days better than others:)

    Oh Jen, It's a roller-coaster of excitement, of anxiety and the sweet tender grief of for-never-mores. This week I bought my mother-of-the-bride shoes and the sales lady mentioned that they have a lovely clutch to match them. I told her that sounds like an excellent idea;)

    Thank-you, my friends for reading even though I am no where around right now. I post and run but someday I will return to visit.

  3. What a lovely way to prepare. Is that you in the photo? How beautiful you are!

  4. ND, you are always so sweet:) I wish that was me...I'm not sure why it felt a little 'off' to ask someone to take a photo of me looking down so I simply cropped a photo of downcast eyes. Yes, she is gorgeous..oops, thank-you for reminding me I forgot image source. Can't wait to catch up on your blog. We had major internet issues and the company we are with sold to another company.I spoke to someone the other day and she told me they are working at up-grades to speed things up! Happy Sunday.


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