Saturday, August 3, 2013

Farewell, for Now

I will return,
I'm just not sure when
So God bless and keep you
Til we meet again


When we return from vacation, wedding plans will move into front and center and I don't want to miss a thing! I hope to blog during the prep but if I don't this is why...a very special why.


  1. Have a wonderful vacation, Janet, and enjoy the wedding preparations. What a big year for your family. It calls for celebrations and lots of poetry!

  2. Enjoy your time away. And of course wedding plans should be front and center.

    When we get homesick from some of your beautiful poetry, we'll just come and read some of your past postings.

    Wishing you a beautiful summer and great fun in the wedding planning.

  3. You will be missed! Enjoy your break! God bless you and yours Janet!

  4. Godspeed and joy!

    Brenda has stated what I was going to say, that I'll just be hangin' out here on the porch keeping an eye on things while I read and reread your past posts until you return.

    ttfn - Tug

  5. We will miss you, Janet. But I look forward to the poems I know you will write about the wedding. I hope it is beautiful, perfect and full of joy.

  6. Thank-you Sherry. I miss everyone a lot! ...and my Later Poems folder is beginning to bulge; perhaps I'll indulge love's ache now and then
    ...and post a poem or two once again;) I discovered after 'My Farewell' that writing is sort of part of breathing for me;)


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