Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Winter Night Idyll

The wind is restless
Like a caged lioness
Seeking a wanton release
Stark pencil-line tresses
Against the far west
Mark the horizon’s crease
Twilight is spilling
Its dark blue tequila
Into the deepening sky
Tinting the evening
Until earth is an ocean
And sailors are you and I

The moon rises slowly
In reverence holy
Over the eastern sill
The stark, barren limb
In the dark west has dimmed
And the moody breezes are still
The moon-kissed ground
With never a sound
Is transformed to a crystal hall
Its subtle enhancing
Designed for slow dancing
We are drifters at a midnight ball

Hold me, my dear
For I think I can hear
In the silence, a symphony
Each tree silhouette
Is a marionette
Miming a rare melody
And I feel it start
In the beat of your heart
Throbbing against my cheek
An invisible choir
Of unbridled desire
And passion too willing to speak

The gallant remains
Of yesterday’s chains
Dissolve in night’s potent embrace
Fearless fingertips
Warm our eyes and our lips
The moon turns to hide its face
As the wind grows restless
Like a caged lioness
And the star in the sky strikes three
These dancers must sail
‘Ere the moonlight grows pale
We are lovers lost at sea


Margo, I have no idea if it fits the prompt
but it was a lot of fun to write.
After reading John Greenleaf Whittier; Snow-bound

and then the poem by Christopher Marlowe
my muse was stirred:))

The photo I took last night helped as well.

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  1. I love the photo. Although autumn is my favourite season, winter has the strongest emotional pull on me, is the only season I want to write about.

    I can't believe you managed rhyme and metre! I think your poem is the closest to a traditional idyll, yet you have given it a contemporary feel.



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