Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There is a song that I would like to hear
once more, my dear with you
but death is long; life short I fear
for all we seek to do
Time and miles in silent smiles
may weave their  latent chain
Creating the impression of
faint shadows on the wind ...
....a wisp of everything that might have been

In every hour a small eternity
of thoughts and wishes bleed
I do not have the power, dear
to withdraw hope from need
And when the night of pale moonlight
is low and long and and deep
I write those things that I must write
in memories to keep
…the echo of those things that might have been

Time marks our footprints on the sands
of silent history
With every heartbeat tugging strands
of present-tense from me
Directing our feet forward
While our eyes should do the same
But in the midnight portal
I hear echoes breathe my name
…and speak of everything that might have been

Everything that might have been,
Dear love, may yet still be
The whisper of tomorrow’s hymn
 A begging mystery
And so the song I want to hear
In retrospect still plays
Across the dark blue atmosphere
A thousand yesterdays
…extol a melody of things to be


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