Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What He Didn't Know...

He didn’t know that Iowa
Would be more than the goal for his freight
He didn’t know that for the first time
In twenty-five years, he’d be late
He didn’t know as he waved good-by
To the little brown-eyed girl
Or the two men-in-training standing near-by
That he was waving good-by to his world
He didn’t know as he kissed his wife
Then climbed up into his cab
Like he had done many hundred times
Tossing his overnight bag
Into the bunk; his second home
Or his first, as the case often was
He didn’t know his five day trip
Was about to be cut short because
As he shifted through all those gears
Whistling Iowa-bound
He didn’t know he was leaving here
Headed for Higher Ground
And he didn’t know that Iowa
Would be where he drew his last breath
That for an Ontario country boy
It would be the home of his death


In memory Brad S.
Passed away Jan. 25, 2012
Age 46
due to a sudden heart attack.


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