Monday, January 30, 2012

Well of Learning

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Tis an ever-deepening well
This well of ‘things to learn’
Years do not seem to fill
The void; instead I yearn
To know more now then I did then
In blithesome, carefree years
Where I presumed ‘now’ would be when
The thirst would disappear
Because I would have learned the breadth
Of what there is to know
But all that I have learned instead
Is that I’m learning slow
And the more I learn I see
The less I know to tell
And what remains still to be learned
Is an ever-deepening well



  1. So utterly true Janet!! I love the wisdom and beauty in your words!

  2. I agree with every word. Like this a lot.

  3. Carrie and Anthony, thank-you for visiting and for your thoughts.


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