Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Very Beginning...

Carrie Burtt's story at Hope Whispers caused me to recall with sudden clarity when I began to I was trying to decide why it is I need to write...I'm not sure I have the answer but it began when I was nine years old. I was sitting on a straw-covered step in the barn and suddenly I had a poem...a song actually to the tune of the stanza part of Rest By and By.

(I dug out the old black scribbler that holds my earliest dreams of writing) Here and there is a page with a huge X over it if I wrote it and then rejected it;))

This is the first poem I recall writing...

Me and My Savior

The great door of my heart
Is wide open each day
To let in the Savior
If he passeth that way

I often forget him
and sometimes go astray
But I ask forgiveness
When to the Lord I pray

I know how he suffered
On the cross of Calvary
And died in pain and sorrow
All because of you and me

He was laid in a tomb
By His friends who were sad
But on the third day
He arose, and they were glad

Forty days afterward
He ascended into Heaven
but the disciples kept the rules
That he had given

They preached to the people
In the countries far and wide
and told them of the story
How Jesus suffered and died


I think the first three verses were the original poem and at some slightly later date I decided the poem/story was incomplete, hence the two columns.


  1. Janet, I enjoyed this. You truly were a gifted poet even at a young age. It is so neat that you still have this notebook. Do you share it with your own children?

  2. Mary, thank-you...I have shared it with my children, but honestly, they are not quite at a place to see anything too exciting, but they did laugh at the X's placed deliberately over some:)

    Lucy, I remember 'writing' it in my head in the barn sitting on the steps going upstairs to the part where we had chickens and pigs. It was winter-time...I got this scribbler for approx. 39 cents at the Goldstone General Store, back in the day.

  3. Thank you Janet for sharing this, I can picture you so well sitting on that step writing!

  4. I just love this Janet...I cannot believe I am just now coming across it....I am so are such a beautiful poet, and I am glad that the words came to you when you were a little girl!! :-)


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