Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trust Issues...

Why is it, God?
Sometimes, with every fiber in my being
I fight Your will
You plant the sod
With spring, while it is winter
In manifold finesse
Your wonders spill
And yet sometimes I doubt
The merit of your way
God, guide me with Your spirit
This I pray

Why is it God
That I think I should comprehend
The wonder of Your love?
Unnumbered mercies
Sweet redemption
Flowing from Your hand
Have sealed my hope above
Compassion pours in rivers, boundless
No one escapes Your eye
Deliver me from this world’s hounding
Hear my cry

Remind me, oh God
If I should choose to live
Without You
Remind me of the reckoning
When this life is through
Help me, so that I may store
A timeless treasure
In Your keep
On Heavens shore
Remind me, oh God
Wherever I move
It is by Your grace and
Unfathomable love

Janet Martin

It’s all about Him!

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