Monday, January 9, 2012

Treasure in my Hand

No treasure have I found
That is more valuable
Than the one I am holding…
…a moment

No treasure have I found
That I should consider
Worth keeping, but one

Here I am, God
Holding a moment
…the seed of a memory


I would not trade any of them…
…these moments

The triumphs and failures
The holding close and letting go
The broken and the beautiful
The quiet and the commotion
The pain and the pleasure
The rise and fall of moments
The measure of a life

Victoria...with the water-can.
Her mom with the B-day card;))
and 'that card' which was a treasure back then...
the little girl on it had a fuzzy red dress
and I loved it!


  1. I've often thought of my 'path' through life, wondering if I should have done anything differently. My answer is no. For if I took a different path at any point, I wouldn't be where I am today nor have the memories of the path I walked. Yes, each MOMENT is important.

    Is that picture of you as a child, by the way?

  2. The picture is Victoria, our youngest daughter approx. 7 years ago.

    I love my 'paper memories aka. photos:)

    Yes, there are things we could choose to change, perhaps, but then we would not be who we are today. I believe the only wasted mistakes are the ones which hurt others when they are repeated because we are too stubborn to learn! (I am speaking totally about myself in this area;) sigh...

  3. Ah, no wonder the child looked so much like you...with the blonde hair, etc. Yes, I know I have made mistakes which have hurt people as well; but I would wish those away, but my general big decisions through life (career, moves, etc)that brought me RIGHT here I wouldn't change.

  4. Kids do teach us SO much...'a little child shall lead them'.

    I am happy to be where I am, but I hope for miles to go before I sleep:)

  5. "Here I am, God
    Holding a moment
    …the seed of a memory

    Wow, couldn't have been put in any other wording, so true and so beautfiful. Thank you for sharing your poems with all of us Janet! =)

  6. Janet,thank you for your kind words! What we do with what HE gave us is a source of happiness, because we are able to praise HIM this way and bring glory to HIS name. :)

  7. Yes, all for Him! thank-you Milena


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