Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Once upon a day you let me hear
The breakers crash upon the shore
But skies are gray, so gray my dear
And I can’t hear them crashing anymore
I trace the outline of your faultless innocence
Beg for oceans, raging deep inside
Where once you caused my eager heart to dance
Your pleasing satisfaction is denied

Tormentor of my secret, craving bliss
I cannot, oh I cannot love you now
Though, how I covet your designing kiss
Your whisper cools in silence on my brow
You lie there now, emotion drained and dead
Your reckless passion distant, cold and still
A coiffure filled with naught but ink-stained dread
I plead against your unresponsive will

Once upon another sweeter day
Perhaps you’ll stir in me so graciously
A long-forgotten, tender melody
And maybe then, oh love, then we will be
Inseparable in spirit, two as one
How, oh how I long for that again
But for now your lure and passion seem far gone…
…and you are just a cold and lifeless


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