Friday, January 6, 2012

Over Fifty? (cartoon source)

Time is a ruthless painter, so I do declare
I despise my mirror but the mirror doesn’t care
If it’s the truth it’s telling well I’d beg to differ please
Cause I’m still feeling dapper but for creaking in my knees

Some mornings I sprint out of bed just like I used to do
But then a cramp assails me and I holler out for you
and like a weary soldier I limp to the closest chair
You bring an ice-pack for my back; or my derriere

I stopped counting wrinkles when the wrinkles became me
My merry eyes still twinkle, I just wish that they could see
But when I turn the lights out it’s great to be alive
Because when I am sleeping I still feel like twenty-five


Happy Birthday, Rosemary


  1. I enjoyed this. Yes, when one is sleeping when feels like 25 indeed; or when one doesn't look in the mirror!

  2. Hahaha I love it:) So appropriate for this old gal;) Big chessy grin...Thank you!


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