Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Of Unforgotten Things...re-post from a year ago on Jan. 17th

http://margaretbednar365.blogspot.com/ Margaret gave me an idea...to see what was on my mind a year ago today...

Now and then the twilight steals
An hour from the dreamers calm
Entranced by sudden phantom reels
Playing out across its palm
Suddenly the landscape rings
With songs of unforgotten things

And there beneath the willow tree
And the locusts serenade
We gathered in camaraderie
Sipping ice-cold lemonade
And dreaming dreams befitting kings
Molding unforgotten things

Upon the cold and frosty air
I hear the soft and gentle tone
Of a mother’s voice in prayer
When her day of toil was done
And the night wind softly sings
Of dear and unforgotten things

I view in silent reverie
Each scene that passes one by one
Through portals of my memory
Here for a breath and then it’s gone
Until perhaps a moment brings
The sigh of unforgotten things


I just re-read this poem a few days ago. I was trying to find some poems my parents would enjoy. My Dad is an 'invalid' for the first time in his life (he broke his collar-bone) He is seventy years old and he said he has been hurt before but never had a broken bone...and never anything that kept him from work for any length of time. He still helps my brothers on their farms.
I put together a little scrap-book of photos and poem to share my 'hobby' with him. I included this poem. Ironically, it is the 'year ago' poem.


  1. Beautiful poem. I am sure your dad will enjoy. How nice that you are sharing your poetry with him. He should be so proud!

  2. Everyone needs their own willow tree and a magnolia tree. I am sure your dad will be amazed with your poetry. How nice he is interested.

  3. Nice rhythm to this, gently soothing. Fun to see creativity from 365 days ago! Keep it up :)

  4. Thank-you Margaret and Mary. I hope Dad will enjoy them.

  5. ...and yes Margaret, it is fun to re-visit a year ago. A sudden memory jolt, and a realization of how short a year is;)


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