Friday, January 20, 2012

The 'Love Test'

Lust is stirred by the visual
Love is stirred by the Invisible

Lust is limited
Love is eternal

Lust is selfish
Love is selfless

Lust is a fool’s gold
Love is wisdom's pearl

Lust craves
Love satisfies

Lust demands
Love is patient and kind

Lust takes
Love gives

Lust thrills
Love fulfills

Lust is restless
Love is peace

Lust is always seeking
Love waits

Lust is imprisonment
Love is freedom

Lust dies
Love lives

Lust is vanity’s deception
Love is pure and true

Lust preys on weakness
Love is unfathomable strength

Lust doubts
Love trusts

Lust is a roaring lion
Love is a steadfast hope

Lust flaunts the obvious
Love is a beautiful mystery

Lust is base
Love is divine

Lust flatters
Love praises

Lust wears many masks
Love, none; Truth needs no disguise

Lust is a jealous god
Love is God


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