Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Remember

The night dips low in a forlorn tune
Her robe is heavy, blurring the moon
With silver breath, yet no limb stirs
Inaudible song; unscripted word
As I remember…

The darkened hue of her moody eye
Deepens the blue of the night moving by
Gone is the frolicking laughter of May
Cold and silent, it slips away
And I remember…

The air is keen with memory's sigh
Pushing the snow-laden dark awry
The hush of midnight sprawls on the air
A hymn of longing, love and despair
While I remember…

... the cooling of lips as you walked away
the aching of words that we could not say
the bleeding of anguish against the sky
the echo of years in one word...good-by
Yes, I remember



  1. and now as I am finally ready for sleep ... I 'remember' too ... the magic of wonderful poetry ... such as this...

  2. This is beautifully romantic, and i love the rhyming and the refrain.

  3. Very lovely, especially with the repeating line "I remember"......beautiful and nostalgic.

  4. You capture the hauntingness of memory - this poem makes me shiver.

  5. This is great right from the opening couplet, wonderful phrasing and great imagery!

  6. This was so beautiful~
    I loved your imagery, so many great lines, but I loved this one most.

    "The air is keen with memory's sigh"

    Well Done!


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