Monday, January 16, 2012

Housewife's Monday Morning Haiku

Monday morning smiles

Sunday echoes in piled mugs

And dirty dishes

Monday morning sings

In a harvest of laundry

Waiting to be washed

Monday morning gleams

A glimpse of heaven’s glory

Whispers from God’s lips


Sometimes, to see the beauty of a Monday morning

one needs to look up instead of down;))

Guess what I am off to do!


  1. It's beginning to look a little more hopeful...thank-you for making me smile:)

  2. We should remember to look up more often, especially on Mondays when the week ahead is filled with possibility.

  3. I didn't say earlier, but this is what I often see at my daughter's house when I go over there each morning to deliver grandson to school and take granddaughter home with me for the day.

  4. It is much easier to make the mess somehow than it is to clean it up...on any other night I get the mess cleaned up, but this week the only night Jim was home was last night and he didn't really want me working all i just turned out the lights and told my- self it will be 'all gone' in the morning...and eventually it was.I remember when the kids were little, if the baby was fussy or the other kids needed me then housework simply had to wait. The important thing is, I suppose, to realize when kids are old enough to shoulder some of the lighter tasks. It's so good for them and so easy to do it our-selves when we're to tired to listen to the complaining, right?
    Good old housework...the testimony of having people to love in our lives:))

  5. But you have a wonderful window to look out! Monday was no school so now Tuesday will be my three day weekend to pick up... yuck.

    But I do put my kids to work... i don't do their laundry anymore. Even my 3rd grader does her own laundry (wish I had done that for my oldest son (19)

  6. I do all my household chores on weekends as I work Monday to Friday. But this brought a smile ...

    Happy week ~

  7. Smilin' good poetry and truths that aren't burdensome! 8-)


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