Monday, January 16, 2012

Housewife's Monday Afternoon Haiku

Clean clothes frolicking
Boisterous winds tug the line
Laundry room tidy

Music of water
Becoming chamomile tea
Prelude to short break

Longfellow a-waits
Dickinson leans on his arm
An enticing pair

Stainless steel sink gleams
Tap dripping constant eighth-notes
In a tuneless song



  1. I love it, Janet! You really accomplished a lot today.

  2. I got more done because the little guy I normally baby-sit did not come today. I would have loved to sit and write but today the housework took priority;))

  3. I love the photos which illustrate your poetry... your home looks nice and clean :) ...and I've been drinking my share of tea recently, as I look through Spring/gardening magazines... have a great Tuesday!

  4. house DID look nice and clean;(Maybe I should do one week of a housewife's life...just to show people who 'work' what a life is like for someone who does not 'work':) I left at 8:00 a.m. and did the groceries because my daughter started school a little later this morning.I've just put the groceries away. the little guys I babysit are playing/fighting in a fort we made by pushing the sectional together...gotta go I'm getting reports of 2 yr. old scribbling on my table...


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