Monday, January 9, 2012

Invisible Depths

They come...silent,
smooth and ruthless
cooling my lips
where thoughts of you burn
They come, passing,
cool and nonplussed
like rain from my fingertips
never to return
Yet, they expand
crowding silently,
in volumes
innumerable, obscene
filling the air
where your voice held me
and the Present once had been
in oceans unfathomable; vast
Pouring in rivers
steady, unceasing
The Past



  1. So true that every moment we live passes into the past. The past is always increasing, the future decreasing. Interesting to think about.

  2. Mary, you capture exactly what I was trying to say...:) It really is an inexhaustible avenue of thought...but God forbid, I waste too much time pondering the inevitable. The only time this really KILLS is when I want to keep a certain moment close but more moments come to push it farther and farther into the archives of the past...

    NOW is the moment when I must sort laundry. The hydro-rates drop at 11;00 this time of year so I have started doing laundry a little later than I prefer...of course my screen will be ready should the muse comply;)) I have reserved this day for poetic squandering, if I lust...oops I mean must although there is a lust of poetry ever-present...

  3. Yes indeed there is so much to think about there. To think about it too much would be hard, I think. I think what I do is to truly try to LIVE the moment, to wish for no OTHER moment past or present. I can do this most when I am spending time with my 4-year-old granddaughter who truly LIVES the present with me. Somehow as one grows up one loses that.


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