Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heavenly Reflection

A heavenly reflection
Has but one Source
It cannot be gleaned from earth’s sod
Then, even life’s splashes
Are tinted by Him
If our Master Painter
Is God



  1. I love the look of sunlight over the water... this reminded me of when I took a very early morning walk with my daddy on the beach of Cape Hatteras. I was 6 years old and loved collecting seashells. We left my mom and brother sleeping and headed to the beach. We watched the sunrise... I remember the golden glow bright in my eyes, not reflecting off the Atlantic, but reflecting off the sand. My dad held my hand and adjusted my jean jacket as we walked... it was cool in the morning. We watched fishermen catch a stingray and release it. I filled up my bucket with every shell I could find... and then we headed back. It's one of my favorite memories with dad. My dad is also a very good artist, but always pointed to the sky and said, "No one except God could paint something so beautiful!"

    Have a blessed day Janet :)

  2. Megan, that is a precious every respect. Never lose that. It reminds me to remind my children of God in our teach them to see Him! Thank-you for sharing that memory. It would make a stunning painting;))


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