Friday, January 6, 2012

The Harvesting of Winter

In the middle of summer’s sweet dog-days
And autumn’s noon of tumbled leaf
Winter falls; and plants the earth
In crops of pure and pristine sheaf

Then every stripped and naked sprig
That shed its robe of evergreen
And every humble, barren twig
Is dressed in winter’s dazzling sheen

The curtailed summer waits beyond
The benediction of a year
And soon the green and leafy frond
In verdant arbors will appear

Blow then, oh harsh and hungry wind
Clothe the earth in white a while
For soon your harvest must begin
It melts away beneath spring’s smile



  1. Just saying: You are so good with rhymes. I've noticed that. I don't often use rhymes, but I did in a poem I wrote today. I have to be in the right mood! But YOU seem to do them naturally.

  2. Rhyming is what sparked my first love of poetry, but I really have learned to appreciate and admire free verse.I am still learning how to write it.

    Thank-you Mary, for your visit and thoughts.


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