Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gathered Thoughts

On poetry:
To hold back the poem
Burning inside of me
Is like forcing back rivers
At the mouth of the sea

On Strength:
The greatest strength is proven not in the holding
but in the power to let go…

On moderation:
Indulge every so often
It won’t kill you
And life is short
Do not indulge
Too often
For it will kill you
And shorten life

On trust and humility
“God” I ask, “Why must these things be?”
He replied, “So you trust with humility”

On sacrifice and submission:
God, don’t ask me to give up this little thing…
It is so very small
In fact, it is so little
It should not worry You at all,
Please, don’t ask me to give it up

On authenticity:
If the branch is attached to the true Vine
It will yield fruit fit for Heaven’s wine

On judging:
Unless we’ve lain with him in the trenches
And tasted the same bitter dirt
We ought not to judge our brother
On his reaction to hurt

On giving:
If you are giving where it is unappreciated
It does not mean you are giving to the wrong people
Especially if those people happen to be
Your children

God gives freely to us
In each moment

On serving;
We go
Driven by a force
Beyond human reasoning,


  1. Janet ~ so much to think about after reading your gathered thoughts... I'll be coming back to re-read (notably when the kids are in bed tonight!) You share so much wisdom ~ I love to soak it up :) Looks like you had a beautiful sunset as well... slightly different clouds here. Blessings ~ Megan

  2. Thank-you Megan...this is our sun-rise...wait til you see the sunset! I'm going to post it later, or in the morning...


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