Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daylight's Aftermath

The sun has tread the corridor
From dawn to twilight’s edge
The shadows, crisp and silver-blue
Recline on earth's broad ridge
As time, the great philosopher
Without apology
Inhales the spectacle of day
To depths of history

The woods sweep up against the sky
In dark still-life designs
Embellishing the modesty
Of winter’s dormant lines
As thoughts like dotted ellipses
On phantom skeins of thread
Emphasize vain memories
On reels inside my head

I contemplate the rush of years
A surface calmly stealing
The aftermath of smiles and tears
And even as I'm kneeling
Yet, still the moments haste away
With silent resolution
As one lone star pins back the day
In twilight’s dissolution


The wordle fit in excellently with some pictures I took while the sun was setting tonight...Thank-you Barbara and Brenda.


  1. Tour words paint pictures just as vivid as your photographs. A lovely use of the wordle words. :-)

  2. One of my favourite topics, the shift from morning to night, and night to morning. The images are so lovely and your use of the words works so well, that I didn't spot the wordle words.


  3. Susannah, Marianne, Margo, Thank-you so much!

  4. Lovely photos, and your word-images sing wonderful accompaniment...

    the modesty
    Of winter's dormant lines
    ...thoughts like dotted ellipses
    On phantom skeins of thread...

    Just beautiful.

  5. Bautifully done, Janet. I know this was about day shifting into evening, but toward the end it brought to mind the loss of memory that comes to some with advancing age (like it has several of my relatives), and how sometimes a single point of light - a "lone star" memory - is all that anchors the mind.


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