Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brook Song- Part Two...Part 1 below winter-brook poem

Its a collaboration
Of free verse and rhyme
Somnolent, raging
Through pastures of Time
Dormant and dreamy
Then eager and dashing
Flinging its music
Of silver-gray splashing
Across gleaming pebbles
Beneath tree-limb bridges
Rambling, then tumbling
From pine-studded ridges
A glorious master-piece
Lilting composition
Played to the wanderer
Without inhibition
Now chuckling, now whispering
It rises, then dips
A chorus of hope
Pouring from winter's lips
Winding its laughter
Of bubbling mirth
Beneath heaven's rafter
Across the still earth
Through crystalline meadow
And undisturbed nook
Where nothing is moving
Save the song of the brook
Easing the passage
Of winter along
Simple, yet striking
A soul-soothing song
Composed in the recess
Of nature's repose
Unseen Maestro conducting
Its music that flows
From cavern and gully
From woodlands forsook
Winter's redemption
In the song of the brook



  1. I just found another glimpse of heaven right here.... the photo in your header... and the poem.

    Lovely... what word pictures!

    Glad you stopped by so I could stop by...

  2. I enjoyed this poem. It begs to be read aloud with its wonderful rhythm. I assume you took the video. Very cool. (Literally, LOL.)

  3. Thank-you Mary...Yes, it was 'cool':), but held in its icy dash the hope of things to come.

    Last spring I had promised Victoria a picnic on its banks but by the time we decided to check it out the grass and reeds had swallowed the creek leaving in its place pesky flies and mosquitoes.
    The picnic was post-poned...I plan to surprise her at her birthday and do a 'winter picnic' instead:)


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