Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blessing...or Curse?

Choice…the blessed curse

Wake or sleep?

Coffee or tea?

Toast, eggs or cereal

Or all three?

Milk whole, skim, low-fat, no-fat

Hair-style, straight or curl?

Or an up-do in a clip?

Mother-ish or girl?

Flats or heels?

Skirt or jeans?

Black or denim?

Dirty or clean?

Wing it alone?

Or, pause to pray?

Say, Good job, son

Or have nothing to say?

Consume longing?

Or be content?

Seek or observe?

Music or silence?

Hope or despair?

Foolish or wise?

Laughter or self-pity?

Truth or lies?

Peace and deliverance

Or anger and strife?

It’s up to you, my friend

But we get only

One life


We become the choices we make!

Life is a sequence of choices.

Choice is free, but consequence is inevitable.

Choose, this day who you will serve...Joshua 24:15


  1. think when asked, I will always choose the doughnuts... life is too sweet not to indulge a little once and awhile... smiles...

  2. Loved the choice between laughter and self-pity..loved the whole thing!

  3. Today, I was just thinking so much about this... I was trying to bring myself to peace remembering that there are things we cannot change or hurry up, because GOD'S will and time is just perfect... However, how we decice to react to these things make the difference. Thank you so much for the insight you shared. =)

    When I saw the donuts you reminded me I had a little slip today with my diet... Arrg, still human, je,je

  4. Thank-you all...Milena, now I feel better about the Cheetos I ate when I got them out 'for the kids';(
    Actually, they taste so good and then make you feel disgusting afterward, like so many temptations we yield to!
    But by the grace of God go we...

  5. Like Bev alluded to last night at our meeting, 'we all have a choice on how we face the day.' Thanks for the confirmation here and the reality you set before us so poetically. Beautiful, thought-provoking piece.


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