Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby's Lullaby ~Picture source:

Hush little birdie
Asleep in your nest
Hush, little zephyr
Blowing from the west
Hush, little buttercup
Closing your mouth
Twilight is folding
East, west, north and south

Hush little puppy-dog
Children must sleep
High in the meadow
Doze wooly white sheep
Hush, little wind-chime
And hush, hurried feet
Baby is tired
And baby is sweet

Hush, little wave-lap
That kisses the shore
Soon you’ll be back
In the ocean once more
Hush, little fairy-land
Far, far away
Baby will visit you
Some other day

Hush-a-bye little girl
Hush, little boy
We’ll sail to dream-land
On moon-ships, ahoy
Hush little baby
And fly away, fly
Dreamland is waiting
In this lullaby



  1. Oh, how sweet Janet :) I love everything about this poem, and the image is beautiful!

    My sister-in-law is due to have a little boy at the end of April/beginning of May ~ he'll be making me an Aunt :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. O-o-o-oh! An auntie Megan? Is it your brother whose wedding you attended last year?

    Some nights I recall the peaceful bliss of rocking a baby...

    I hope you have a great week-end as well.

  3. ..I meant to say 'is it your brother's wife';))

  4. This is such a beautiful lullabye. I can imagine it being sung by a loving mother to a child lying down to sleep.


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