Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aqua-velva Coloured Dreams

Lace your whispers through my mind
Touch me where no fingers trace
Let us board the wayward wind
Fly to our secret place

Maine is just a breath away
Morocco is not just a dream
We’ll scale the walls of yesterday
Darling, come and fly with me

Take the worry from our prayer
Let our tears of wanting flow
We will climb to gardens where
All the broken flowers grow

Darling, come and fly with me
Science bears no tangent part
For its logic cannot see
Destinations of the heart

Hold me closer as we dance
To love’s drifting melody
Darling, won’t you take the chance
Come and fly away with me


I would have painted an ocean or a beach in that rear-view mirror, but...


  1. Beautiful and dreamlike, Janet. I hear a harp playing as this is being read.

  2. Thank-you Mary. I will return to read later...I had to type fast tonight with few minutes to spare:) See you tomorrow.

  3. Destinations of the heart... enjoyed this poem... and the photo is great! I love the perspective you captured ~ hope you're enjoying your Sunday :)

  4. Thank-you HA and Megan...yes, my Sunday is going well. I went for a run and someone's Dog followed me for that last few miles, but he took off as soon as I reached the house:)) THEN I watched the Broncos WIN!!!! though I will confess that I know NOTHING really about foot-ball...that would be why I asked Jim how-come they are all going to the dug-out and its not ever yet;)but it was an adrenaline rush, because of how beautifully i was done...and the Time Tebow story is rather exciting! Hey, school begins today...time to rattle the cages, have a Fabulous Monday:)

  5. Love the bit about destinations of the heart!


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