Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After-effects of a Beautiful Time

There never was a perfect time for that…
The vacuum that seeks to inhale present joy
Should I succumb
But I cannot
For missing you is simply
The after-glow of a bloom
A lingering fragrance
Filling the room
And I will not languish
Too long in its pain
For some sweet, sweeter day
We will meet again
The curve in life's track
Steals you from my sight
Goodnight, oh my love
Good-night, goodnight
Love is not
A fleeting bloom of youth
It is the very essence
Of all truth
It does not leave us
Never to return
I wait, I weep, I walk, I yearn
And turn to love the moment I am in
For only, only moments
Never return again...



  1. My favorite flavor, bittersweet. Well done, Mosk

  2. For better or worse, Mosk, that is my favorite flavor too;)



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