Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Serenity......

It was such a night tonight
Crisp, serene and still
The moonlight tossed her cloak of white
On every slope and hill
Each barren limb, was clearly sketched
Upon the pristine snow
The world, a charcoal drawing etched
Within the moonlight’s glow

It was such a night tonight
A tender lullaby
Trickled from the dazzling height
Of silver-vaulted sky
The wanderer cannot hide away
Beneath this bolder moon
As all the frozen willows sway
To winter’s frigid tune

It was such a night tonight
How mute the dashing stream
As bluer fingers halt its flight
And stills the laughing dream
Upon a table made of snow
Translucent shadows fall
Where not so very long ago
We tread its emerald shawl

It was such a night tonight
When trifling poetry
Cannot capture it just right
Winter serenity
It was such a night tonight
Somnolent and still
And yet, this vagrant guest must write
Against her very will


Yes, I know…
This is a spin-off from the one on front-porch….
The first eight lines rolled off my pen…then I paused…
There were too many avenues to choose from
This is one of them…….

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